Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How I got Into Trigger Point Therapy- Part 10

So, How Did We Do?

 After three treatments… THREE! … she said her hand pain was a good 50% less and stayed that way over the weekend. By that time, her Shamala tool came in and she bought some rubber balls from the dollar store and I started teaching her how to treat herself, so that it could be done every day, until the pain was completely gone.

Sue was the perfect student, because she was very patient with her own pathetic first attempts to treat herself, and my attempts to teach her and figure out what would work for her. We found out together that, while trigger point therapy didn’t feel quite as good as massage therapy, it was much more effective for getting rid of her pain.

Unfortunately, before we could get her completely cured, her mom had a car accident, and she ended up moving to another state to help the family. She was about 80% pain free and roughly 70% proficient at treating herself when she left. Of course, she didn’t have the massage skill that I had, but I taught her how to ease the discomfort by rubbing the palm of her hand over the spot, and it did help. I haven’t heard from Sue since she moved, but I sure hope she kept it up. 

NOTE: This is the last part of “How I Got Into Trigger Point Therapy.” There will much 
more about this as time goes by. In a few days, I’ll start posting, “I Don’t Have The Choice.” Marly

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