Friday, October 22, 2010

Don’t Have That Luxury- Part 5

Foot Challenge

So, here I am, three years after graduating from massage therapy school, finally having grown up enough to want to make my own living, want to get myself out of debt, and desperately want to get myself independent of governmental “help,” sitting on a $40,000 loan, most of it in interest, in a very bad economy, with a spotty work record, a damaged body, and at the age of 45 years old. 

And there are some new challenges to add to the list of things that make this journey so exciting and motivating for me. Because of the flat-footed problem, ten years ago, I could stand for fifteen to twenty minutes before the body started really whining at me, and then basically crumbling if I didn’t sit down pretty quickly. Now, after twenty-some years of the feet damaging the structure of the rest of the body, the body crumble is down to about three minutes. 

It used to be I could carry pretty much anything I wanted to. Now the hips threaten to rip out if I carry anything over about thirty pounds for very far. I’ve lost more than one job because of it. The feet are kind of okay if I’m walking or moving, which is why I can do a few massages, but it exhausts me so much that takes a couple of days to recover if I do it for very long at all. 

To Be Continued Tomorrow

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