Saturday, October 9, 2010

How I got Into Trigger Point Therapy- Part 7

More Than Worth It

That was an expensive trip for a college student living on loans, but more than worth it. For one, Amber had some neat tools we could buy that weren’t available in the massage catalogues I’d seen. I bought Shemala Tools from her; basically a rubber finger and a rubber thumb on rubber balls. Judging from the description on the box, we guessed it had been made in China. “When finger press massaging has no enough pressure, Shemala Massager will help you strengthen the strength so as to obtain the best effect of finger press massaging.”

I also got lucky, in that Amber used me for the guinea pig to demonstrate finding trigger points, so I got to learn it from a professional, rather than somebody else who was also learning. As it turned out, Amber had been practicing for seven years, and she couldn’t feel them either. She had to rely on my reaction, rather than what she could feel with her finger tips. 

Amber said that some people can handle very little pressure on a trigger point, and some people need a whole lot of pressure in order to find it; something that hadn’t been really emphasized in the book. As it turned out, I was definitely in the light pressure camp. The first one she found felt like an electric current going through me, which got her squeaked at, quite loudly.

She found just the right amount of pressure for me after two tries, and then, to teach me how little pressure to use on some people, she laid her finger on my hand and said that was how much pressure she was actually using.  Here I thought I was so tough! I’d been bucked off of horses and had bales of hay dropped on me without batting a toenail as a teenager, but squealed like a hurt puppy when one finger is laid on the right spot. Couldn’t be helped, but it was a little humiliating.

This Will Be Continued

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