Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Don’t Have That Luxury- Part 8

Motor Mount Challenge

Here’s another challenge that just popped up; last week, I lost my engine. No, I didn’t forget to change the oil and blew my engine. The screws that hold the motor in place rotted off, sort of, kind of, and it ended up on the ground. A mechanic said that my fifteen year old car is definitely worth saving, even with 280,000 miles on her, and he thinks he could fix her if I can come up with roughly $400.

However, if it turns out that she is unsavable, I seriously doubt that any (credible) bank will give me a car loan based only on my pretty smile and the fact that I can usually make anywhere from $10 to $120 doing chair massages at local fairs and festivals. On the other hand, I’m sure the new car places would be tickled pink to give me a loan, with about a 140% interest rate, compounded hourly. 

So, it seems pretty obvious to me that if I can’t figure out how to earn the money to repair the car or replace her if necessary, I’ll probably never be able to buy another car. That fact alone gives me a lot of motivation to work my tail off, in spite of the fatigue and body pain.

By the way, my car’s name is “Smudgy,” so named by my sister because her (the car’s) paint job was starting to peel off when I got her six years ago, and now her head is decidedly getting rusty. This same Sister Person lets me use her “Dodgy” when she’s at work, but it would obviously be easier to make my living if I had my own car. Whine whine complain.

Changed My Mind- There’s One More After This

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