Monday, October 25, 2010

Don’t Have That Luxury- Part 7

I Lied A Little Bit

Okay, I lied a little bit; I do have things I could lose if I either can’t find “a real job,” or do not succeed in my multiple endeavors. In order to be able to write and display the blog, I had to replace my ten year old computer, which was constantly threatening to lose all my work, with a $508 Wal-Mart computer and printer.  And, since I haven’t worked in two years, I couldn’t pay cash for them, so used a Wal-Mart credit card. 

Some friends have offered to help as much as they can with my monthly payments, in exchange for massages for the husband’s painful back problems. This has been a lousy year financially for them also, and they usually come up a little bit short on the payment, but I would far rather have to pay $5 to make up the difference than either having the computer repossessed and my credit shot, or forced to pay hundreds of dollars more in interest rates than the computer is worth. I would be really stuck if it weren’t for their help. Conversely, the husband would really be stuck if it weren’t for my help with his back, so it works out pretty well, doesn’t it?

Last Of This Series Starts Tomorrow- Unless I Change My Mind

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