Friday, October 8, 2010

How I got Into Trigger Point Therapy- Part 6

First Day of Workshop

Amber spent the first morning going through the book muscle by muscle and telling us all sorts of cool tips, such as:

·                   When you get that maddening itch in your ear that you can’t scratch, it’s most likely coming from TP’s in the masseter muscle in your jaw. 

·                   A really good tool to use when treating hard to reach muscles between the hand and foot bones is to put a pointed pencil eraser in a C-clamp.

·                   She told the story of her husband not telling her for months that he had pain in his genitals because he was positive he had cancer and was going to die from it. He finally admitted it hurt too much when she demanded to know why he didn’t want to make love anymore. She found her trigger point guide, and through his loud protest that not every pain was caused by trigger points, she worked the muscles in his leg, and he suddenly looked very sheepish and said, “It’s gone, the pain is gone.”

·                   Since trigger points appear in the same place on all people, it’ s much easier to figure it’s location by using your hand or finger to measure from the boney landmarks like the elbow or knee.

·                   An easy way to find all the TP’s in the leg muscles is to run a broom handle over them.

·         TP’s in one of the calf muscles can cause jaw pain.

·                   And TP’s in certain foot muscles make it feel like your stepping on
cold cat poop. As you can imagine, this solicited a collective, “EW!” 

To Be Continued Tomorrow

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