Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How I got Into Trigger Point Therapy- Part 9

What I Was Doing Wrong

After working on all those different partners and asking tons of questions and making Amber or her helper show me things a hundred times, I figured out some of the things I’d done wrong on Sue, and couldn’t wait to try my new tricks.

Because my instructor’s words about not hurting people had been in the back of my mind when I worked on Sue the first time, I hadn’t been using enough pressure to find the trigger points on her. And I didn’t have the right equipment; the Shamala Tool really made a difference.

The box had been right when it said the tool helped you “Strengthen the strength.”  It let me give as much or as little pressure as I needed and to get into really tight spots, without hurting my own hands in the process. And the rubber gripped her skin much better than my thumb could, so I didn’t roll off of Sue’s muscles anymore.

Now that I knew what trigger points felt like on myself, I knew how to tell her how to help me find them, and figured out how much pressure to use on those stupid subscapularis and the scalene muscles within two tries. And I knew how to put either her or myself in the right position to treat her effectively.

You’ll Find Out What Happened Tomorrow

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