Thursday, February 17, 2011

You've Got To Be Kidding- Part 3 of 3

 Folks: Many apologies, had computer problems for the last week and could not post this last story in the clothes series. In fact, I had to threaten the computer with getting a techy friend to come fix it, and all of a sudden, the computer decided to work beautifully! Imagine that.

The last guy was an old punk rock drummer, with a huge bald spot in front and bushy long hair in the back. I will say that he looked much better after they stripped him and made him a baldy. Left a three days growth of beard, of course. “A bit of casual stubble keeps him in rocker territory,” says the lady who was making all these improvements on the men. I say that a man who wants to stay in rocker territory does not wear a red and white striped t-shirt, and he decidedly does not wear a blue cardigan! Okay, granted; it wasn’t hot pink, like the first guy, but it still made him look like Mr. Rogers was about to go sailing.
Guys, I’d like to say something here. Many men don’t really care how they look and could definitely use some female instruction. However, you’re the one who will get laughed at if you show up looking a little too feminized. I say, if you’re not comfortable with what she’s handing you to wear, you do have to right to “just say no.”


  1. On the right man, it could look really good; think Harry Potter. The kids could wear either a blue/gray sweater, what the British call a "jumper," or a cardigan. It looked good on Harry with the white shirt and tie. Of course, Harry could wear just about anything and look cute, but on this guy, it just looked really stupid.

  2. So you're saying a guy should wear what he wants as long as you think it looks good?

  3. Sifd: I am so sorry, could not get to the dashboard to answer your comment to save my life; something about mixed up email addresses. For now, it's fixed.

    As to your comment, what I'm saying is that a man might be wise to at least listen to the opinion of a woman as to clothes and grooming, but he's the one who will get laughed at if she pressures him into wearing clothes that are a little too feminized by most people's opinions.

    Also, be aware that I wrote this article more as a humor piece, than actual clothing advice. And actually, you probably don't really want to take advice from me. For one, my sister says I have atrocious tastes in clothes. Example, she says my multi-colored coat makes me look like a striped hippo, even though a lot of people have told me they like that coat. Two, I can't tell the difference between a $2,000 Armani suit, and a $49 Sears suit; I just know if I like the color.

    Speaking of which, I know the current fashion for woman's clothing and wall color is baby puke green or diarrhea yellow, both of which will get a blog posting from me; and I guarantee that it will not be flattering. So if those are your favorite colors, and you see them in my subject title, you might want to skip that posting. (Shrug) Just a heads-up.