Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cat Stories

Mr. Kitty’s Trip

The same sort of thing happened with Mr. Kitty, and started exactly the same way, with the 8 o’clock favorite sister routine. A year after Frequency’s little medical emergency happened, she got hit by a car, and was replaced by Chloe. Then a few months later, Mr. Kitty came along, much to Chloe’s disgust, as she had apparently come to think of the house and my sister as her personal property, and she was quite unwilling to share with anyone.

At nineteen pounds, Mr. Kitty was almost three times Chloe’s size. But she had claws, and he didn’t. The two of them were continually trying to convince the other they were boss cat for the first year. Once they decided that his domain was my sister’s bed, and her domain was the other bedroom, they got along pretty well. That is, they got along ok, IF they stayed out of each other’s territories.   

The night before the fateful morning in question, Chloe had apparently found Mr. Kitty under her bed, and the next thing Sister knew, he came flying out of Chloe’s bedroom, with her in hot pursuit, screaming murderous threats at him. He had little tear marks all over him, and blood behind the white part of his eye.

My sister didn’t think his injuries were too serious at first, so she gave him an aspirin and put him to bed. But he never moved all night, an unheard of thing for him. So she called me in the morning. She would take him to work with her, and I could pick him up from her car. The money would be in the storage compartment of the cat carrier.

For obvious reasons, I took him to a different vet this time, and a kid that looked about thirteen years old came into the examining room, introduced himself as Dr. Belville, and asked me what had happened to Mr. Kitty.  I told him about the fight, and showed him where Chloe had nailed him.

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