Sunday, February 6, 2011

Best Writing Surface

Best Writing Surface

I just read Laura Whitcomb's article "Organizing and Developing Ideas" in the January 2011 issue of Writer’s Digest.  Her advice when using note cards to organize and develop writing ideas is to, "Spread out the (note) cards on the floor or a large table. (A bed is not recommended. The first time you lean on the mattress to reach a card and they all slide together, you'll find out why." I had to laugh when I read that, because she left out the best organizing surface available.

 I write and spread my cards out on my massage table. As it is seven feet long and roughly three feet deep, there is plenty of room to spread things out, and still have room to write. It is right next to my computer, so I can simply go back and forth as the spirit moves. I can use either the face cradle or my rolling treatment chair to store my organizing book if the table is full of cards. Another advantage is that the surface is padded, which makes it much more comfortable on the arms. And mine has a table warmer! I can crank it up to 144 degrees if I want to.

 There are a couple of disadvantages. As it is padded, I have to be careful with the pop cans, or risk sticky and brown note cards and Writers’ Digest magazines. It's also possible I could get zapped from the table warmer if it got wet. The most obvious disadvantage, of course, is when a client comes in for a massage and I have to not only clear off the entire table, but organize it so the room still looks neat. As this only happens two or three times a month, it's not that big of a deal; just a little inconvenient. And considering that the income I make from those clients pay for my computer, I can't complain too hard, can I?

 If you use note cards to organize your thoughts and/or plotlines, it might be worth investing in a cheap massage table for around $150. The $60 table warmer is optional. Or check with local massage schools or practicing therapists, as they might have a used one you could buy.

 They also make a great place to stretch and can be used for extra seating. In an emergency, somebody can sleep on it, if they don't wiggle a lot in their sleep. I'd suggest you back one side up to the wall, and put it at the lowest level.

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  1. Haven't tried using note cards for writing... I've been trying mind maps where you make relational bubbles on a piece of paper with squiggles and lines to show interconnectivity. This works fairly well to organize my ideas, but has yet to create an idea.

    If I had a massage table lying around the house, I'd have to find a massage therapist to make house calls.... I'd never leave the table! I'd be blissed out and asleep.... and it would be wonderful...