Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Mind Of A Kitty

My sister came home from work the other day, and the two cats come out to greet her as usual, but the adventurous one did not. Little Nateri (no, she’s not blue) is always the first one to come boinging into view, and it was a little worrisome that she didn’t, given that Sister lives on the main road, and it was bitterly cold. 

Sister spent the evening worrying about her and going outside to call, “Kitty, kitty.” Well, she finally did find Nateri, when she happened to look over to an empty popcorn box, and saw a tiger striped hump sticking out. Nateri had simply stepped into the box and hunkered her head down so far that she had apparently closed off her own ears, and couldn’t hear her mom calling for her. 

How she managed to breathe in there, considering she had curled herself up into a vertical ball is an interesting question; along with… why? This was definitely not a kitty sized box and she could sleep anywhere she wanted to sleep. Well, anywhere she was allowed to sleep. I think it was Shakespeare who once said, “Ah, the mind of a kitty; who can fathom?”  

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