Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sorry, sorry

I read through the statistics on the blog today, and found out that 67 people read it this month and 79 have read it since I posted the first one in September!  I know 5 people  looked to see if I’d posted anything today, as I try to get something out about every two to three days, and my last post was the Halloween Story.

I do have the story of learning how to do chair massages about half written, but am sorry to say that I just do not feel up to finishing it tonight. Remember I told you in one of the “Don’t Have That Luxury” posts that I have a weird fatigue problem? Well, it’s in full swing right now and all the pop and popcorn in the house are not touching it, so I think I’d better just give it up and go to bed, as I can neither type straight nor spell anything right now without making a million mistakes.  Thank God He made people who were smart enough to create a computer which can erase and replace all my stupid typos!  I promise I will try to get something out in the next couple of days.

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