Friday, November 19, 2010

How I Learned To Do Chair Massages Part 7

Learned A Few Things

I learned a few things about doing business that weekend. I learned not to have people sit in the chair for their sample because I have to change the cover on the face cradle and wipe the chair down with baby wipes between each person. It just isn’t worth my time to clean it for a two second massage, when at least half the people don’t get one anyway. So if somebody is extremely tall and I can’t reach their shoulders, I have them sit in a regular chair; otherwise, I simply spin them around and squeeze.

I also learned to give people my shpeal and price, and then shut up and let them decide, because if you keep yammering through their decision making process, they will most likely say no, and there will be no chance of changing their minds. I learned that from Almonzo Wilder; as in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s husband.  No, not the wimpy cupcake from that dippy TV show, “Little House on the Prairie.” The real Almonzo was willing to risk his life to find grain that would save an entire town from starvation during “The Long Winter. “

It appears, even a hundred and twenty years later, that he was right. If I give me shpeal and my shoulder squeeze and then ask them if they want a massage, nine times out of ten, they’ll say no. If I just keep my mouth shut and smile, most of the time they say yes.

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