Saturday, November 13, 2010

How I Learned To Do Chair Massages Part 4

Twenty Dollar Sleeping Bag

This was the last part of May, and since I’d just bought a lot of expensive equipment and would only be camping in summer, I had decided to buy a cheapy little twenty dollar sleeping bag that was suppose to keep me warm in 42 degree weather.  Even with all my clothes on, including all four pairs of socks, I still froze that night, and ended up taking a walk at one in the morning to get myself warm enough to sleep. It was kind of creepy to be walking around carnival rides in the dark, especially the animals on the merry-go-round. With no lights on, they looked rather menacing. 

I thought I’d be warmer if I could get out of the wind, so I put my blankets and pillow down on the back seat of the car and crawled into my sleeping bag. Then I basically skooched across the seat and curled up in the fetal position. It was much warmer that way, and I did manage to fall asleep for a few hours, until everybody started waking up wanting coffee, breakfast, and a porta-potty, not necessarily in that order. Actually, the call of wild was pretty strong for me too, but I was extremely stiff, and found it was much harder to get out of a car while wrapped up in a sleeping bag, than it had been to get into the car. That was when I discovered that the problem with being the massage therapist, is that I couldn’t relieve my own stiffness and muscle aches.

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