Saturday, January 1, 2011

Treed By A Rooster Part 1

A Lousy Day

Articulating and thinking through the goals I want to accomplish this year is taking longer than I thought it would, so I’m going to tell you the story of Charley so you’ll have something to enjoy while I finish  this next series. Fair warning; you might not want to read this if you don’t like reading about animals being killed. 

It had been a lousy day in early spring. My Sister and I had spent the morning cleaning out the chicken coop, and so we stunk, and spent the afternoon stacking the last of the firewood, so we were horribly sore. Not to mention it was cold, wet and windy. As I said, it was a lousy day, and not quite over. She still had to clean out the horse barn, and I was grumpily taking the laundry off the line, when I heard Charley behind me. Most roosters are pretty benign unless they think their hens are being threatened, but Charley was just plain mean. He liked to fly feet first at his victim’s face. He had gashed the dogs several times for simply walking among his harem.

Well his girls had mindlessly gathered all around me, busily looking for tidbits in the grass, and he was getting himself all fluffed up, and challenging me loudly. Gram always told us that if we stand our ground against an animal, they most likely wouldn’t attack. But I was only about ten, and Charley looked mighty big and threatening to me. So I did the only thing that seemed reasonable; I looked for an escape route. I didn’t think I could make the outhouse in time, but the wood pile next to the pine tree was right behind me, and I was pretty positive that roosters couldn’t climb.  So I ran up the pile and sat in the lowest branch.  

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