Friday, January 28, 2011

Cat Stories

Sorry, sorry, I’ve done it again; almost a week since the last posting. I’ve actually started several posts, but my brain just doesn’t want to finish them. So, I’m going to cheat again; upcoming is actually three separate cat stories that I’m going to spread over the next week.


A half-grown, half-starved kitten once showed up at my front door, looking for a hand-out. My sister felt sorry for her, and so took the cat home, a decision she soon regretted. It turned out this was a fanatically clean cat. Before she could sleep, Frequency had to be pretty well sterilized, which required a good hour or two of licking. And, of course, while she is sleeping, her coat would get messed up again, so…

How did she end up with a name like Frequency? Well, my sister has never been the most patient person with unnecessary wake-up calls at three in the morning so that a cat could primp. At first, she just dumped her off the bed. But F would simply wait until Sister went back to sleep, then jump back on and continue her bath. Sister was willing to let the cat get used to her new home, but when it went on for several nights, enough was enough. She finally picked the cat up and tossed her out the door onto the grass. Frequency spent the rest of the night delicately yowling to be let back in. It took about ten times of spending the night outdoors before she finally decided to take her bath in the living room. All this happened before my sister had actually named her. When she told me of her cat troubles, I said it sounded as though this cat was becoming quite a frequent flyer, and the name sort of stuck.

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