Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sorry I haven't finished series

Folks: Sorry I haven’t finished the Stand-Up Comedy series, but people kept telling me that the blog has been down for some time, so I figured there was no point of finishing the series until it was fixed, and good luck getting someone to fix it the week of Christmas. Well, I’m not sure what happened, but apparently Santa sent a nice computer elf to fix it for me as an early present. Or more likely, God sent an angel. 

Either way, I think I’m not going to finish it until after Christmas; maybe after New Years, though I’ll probably put up a post about the goals (NOT resolutions) I want to accomplish in 2011. And I think I’ll be watching LOTS of movies, starting with the whole Harry Potter series again (yes, I know; I just did that three weeks ago). What can I say? They make me happy, and they make me think. I’ll also be watching all three Lord of the Ring series again. 

My sister is basically planning to do the same thing, as she’s off work for two weeks, and my girl isn’t coming home, so Christmas day will be real quiet, although I get to spend Friday with my best friend and her family, and that’s always a blast. It’s also possible I’ll be able to go to a Beat the Winter Blues party sometime in January. I can’t wait for that one; almost everybody who will be there is involved with the Michigan movie industry one way or another, and this is a fun crowd of people. No kids, just a great group of intelligent, extremely talented people.

The last time my friend and I went, we ran into two feet of snow on the way home, and what was usually a three hour trip turned into five hours. We didn’t get home until three in the morning, extremely stiff and tired, and I wouldn’t have missed that party if I had to sleep in a rest area and live on vending machine candy bars for three days.

Now here’s something I’ve always wondered about. We get hit with four major holidays, Halloween, followed by Thanksgiving, followed by Christmas and New Years in real quick cessation. Why don’t we spread that out a little bit? I don’t need two holidays in December; why don’t we put Christmas in about February? That’s when I really start getting winter depressed and desperately need some fun, and what do we get in the middle of winter? Groundhog’s Day, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day. Woopee. I could handle the two month wait until spring much better if I could look forward to some fun in February or March.

Okay, I’ll quit moaning now.  A friend is coming to take me to lunch, and tomorrow I get to go to my Christmas Eve party, Christmas will be over in two days, and I’m going to Harry Potter and Lord of the Ring myself silly. So I hope you all have a whole lot of fun.


  1. Marly,

    Just wanted to let you know that yes, I can now access and read the blog...When you left the comment on my blog, you listed your website as instead of "making my own work." Once you emailed me the correct URL, I had no troubles connecting :)

  2. The density of holidays during the darkest part of the year is not a coincidence, but back in Roman times it was a great thing -- lots of feasting and bonfires and sharing of food with people who were less fortunate -- esp. for those Roman legions stuck up in the North (like York, England), the weather was cold, dark and bleak -- you really needed holidays or you might not make it through the winter...

    nowadays holidays are synonymous with obligation. And overeating. And for me, 10 days with my in-laws...

  3. Lauren, I oopsed, didn't I? Thanks for letting me know.
    Natasha: Here's the history as to why December 25th was picked as the date for Jesus's birth, according to "Panati's Extraordinary Origin of Everyday Things," Harper and Row, 1987. Some theologians think He was probably born in May, because shepherds only keep watch over their sheep in the spring during lambing time. The reason December 25th was picked was because pagan Romans celebrated the Birthday of the Invincible Sun God, Mithras" on that date, and that religion was seriously challenging Christianity. So church fathers decided they needed a major holiday to compete with Mithraism, so they made Christ's birthday December 25th. Apparently the trick worked, as nobody has heard of Mithraism anymore. Nevertheless, I'd still prefer it was sometime in February or March.