Monday, April 4, 2011

Nateri's Story Continued

Sorry folks, the blog has been done for nearly two months this time. According to my very smart computer friend, either I or Google goofed up the email address. At least 45 of you have been checking periodically. Thank you for sticking with me; will do my darndest to go back to two or three postings a week. Am too tired tonight to come up with new stuff, so for now, I’ll give you the continuation of little Nateri’s story. By the way, I found out that I’m spelling her name wrong, but that’s what I put into Spell heck, so that’s what it’s going to stay.

Nateri In Heat
Little Miss Nateri, of the popcorn box fame, (see last month's posting on “Mind of a Kitty”) started yelling her head off last week, two days before she was supposed to get fixed, of course. Butt up in the air, pawing the ground, begging everybody to mate her. Didn’t matter if it was a fixed male cat or a human, she walked up and said, “I’m horny! I love you! Please mate me! I’m desperate!”  

Can you imagine the problems if human women could quite literally think of nothing but sex for two weeks at a time; walked around the house screaming for it? How embarrassing when they finally came back into their own minds and remembered how badly they had behaved. Although, I suppose if everybody was doing it, it wouldn’t be considered bad behavior, would it?

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