Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Incredibly Stupid Jokes

Please understand that these jokes are not from my head. I heard two of them from an old acquaintance I ran into the other day. He’s actually a very smart man; a retired electrician for the phone company, but I guess we all have our weird quirks, don’t we?
Here’s the first one:      What’s the difference between an old ten dollar bill and a new one?
Answer: Nine dollars                        Leave me a comment if you need it explained

Second one: Two blonds are sitting in a fishing boat in the middle of a lake with fishing lines in the water. A DNR guy comes along and asks for their fishing licenses. The girls tell him they aren’t fishing. He gave them the typical DNR look and said, “You’re not fishing, hey? You’re sitting in a fishing boat with your lines in the water, what do you call that?” They told him, “We’re trying to pick up garbage off the bottom of the lake,” and pulled up their fishing lines, which had magnets attached to them. The guy scratched his head and said, “Well, I guess you’re really not fishing, are you? Sorry to bother you and thanks for cleaning up the lake.” They waved him off, put their lines back in the water, and one said to the other, “That idiot, hasn’t he ever heard of steel heads?”

Here’s the third one: What do you call a couple of Latin mice?
Answer: A para-meese-ium
And with that, I think I’ll go get some lunch

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  1. Gedunk, dunk. THose are so bad, they made me smile.